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Founder and CEO of Goldstar, Jim McCarthy created a partnership with his company, Goldstar and TED because his experience at past TED conferences had helped him transform his business into what it is today. With this new partnership, Goldstar created a TEDxGoldstar invite-only event on March 2, 2011 so that the TEDx Long Beach presentations and experience could still be accessible to L.A.’s top influencers who are unable to attend the conference.

The goal was to provide a platform for interactive discussions, blogging, tweeting, live music, food, and ultimately the spreading of ideas and creation!

talkTECH was hired to produce and manage the event, secure partnerships, invite local influencers, create marketing initiatives around the event, and set up event logistics.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 TED and Goldstar Events will host TEDxGoldstar at the Downtown Independent in downtown L.A. This is an exclusive, invitation-only event that will offer a live simulcast from the TED Conference in Long Beach – a day that includes featured presenters such as Bill Gates, Julie Taymor, Morgan Spurlock, and Indra Nooyi.

• TEDxGoldstar will have an emphasis on connection and will provide a platform for interactive discussions, blogging, tweeting, art, live music, food, and ultimately the spreading of ideas and creation! From 12:30pm-2:00pm, we are offering interview opportunities with Jim, as well as a chance to engage with many of L.A.’s innovators, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs attending TEDxGoldstar such as:
• Kevin Lyman, Founder of the Warped Tour
• Alexis Zimbalist, Executive Director of Marketing and Social Media at Giiv, Inc.
• Alexandra Spunt, Co-author of “No More Dirty Looks” and Marketing Expert
• Adam Mefford, Co-founder of Mindshare L.A. and Founder of Currency
• Lior Shamir, Founder of
• Chris Raih, Co-founder of Zambezi
• David Berkus, Founder of Berkus Technology Ventures, LLC


• Worked with the Goldstar team on event logistics and what the event would entail including: pre-registration using Goldstar’s site, the layout of the event, signage, idea board, sourced the DJ and photographer.

• Focused event around streamlined TEDx presentations by Bill Gates, Julie Taymor, Morgan Spurlock, and Indra Nooyi.

• Scouted and secured the Downtown Independent Theatre (a notable venue in Los Angeles) for the event location.

• Curated and reached out to our list of SoCal’s top innovators, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and media to invite.

• Created an Interactive Hosts program via Twitter engagement – selected five guest bloggers who are social media/tech saavy to report about the event throughout the day.

• Designed, managed and created content for to keep the conversation steady prior to the event, during and post-event.

• Secured event sponsorship/partnerships with Popchips, Prometheus Springs, Boxed Water.

• Managed the event on-site and made sure Jim was introduced to key influencers.

Key Results

• Over 125 L.A. influencers attended the event which included: Kevin Lyman (Founder of the Warped Tour), Alexandra Spunt (Author of “No More Dirty Looks”), Caitlin Monaghan (Editor of, Adam Mefford (Co-founder of Mindshare L.A. & Founder of Currency), Lior Shamir (Founder of, David Berkus (Founder of Berkus Technology Ventures), Erin Weinger (Style Editor of The Hollywood Reporter).

• Number of #TEDxGoldstar hashtags since initial invite outreach: 745 x 112,113 (Number of Reach – includes top 36 Twitter handles with the most followers) = 83,524,185.

• Interactive Hosts program was a success with 35 tweets on average per host starting 10 days prior to the event.

• Feedback via social networks was in a positive tone.

• Secured a cover story on Jim and his involvement with TEDx for Smart Business Magazine.

• Majority of Goldstar’s registered users from the event stayed subscribed to their newsletter.